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Magical Colors

Magical Colors

This Table of Colors and their energies can be used when choosing candles for spells, for tinting bath salts, and for designing entire rituals around your herbal products. Though these ritual associations are generally accepted, some differences in thought do exit. Color is a magical system in and of itself.

WHITE: Protection, peace, truth, sincerity.

RED: Protection, strength, health, vigor, lust, sex, passion, courage, exorcism.

BLACK: Aabsorbing and destroying negativity, healing severe diseases, banishing.

LIGHT BLUE: Tranquility, healing, patience, happiness.

DARK BLUE: Change, flexibility, the subconscious mind, psychism, healing.

GREEN: Finances, money, fertility, prosperity, growth, luck, employment.

GRAY: Neutrality.

YELLOW: Intellect, attraction, study, persuasion, confidence, divination.

BROWN: Working magic for animals, healing animals, the home.

PINK: Love, honor, morality, friendships.

ORANGE: Adaptability, stimulation, attraction.

PURPLE: Power, healing severe disease, spirituality, meditation.

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Which Colors to Use in Your Spells & Rituals
Which Colors to Use in Your Spells & Rituals

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