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Wiccan Rede
Wiccan Rede
Wiccan Holidays

Wiccan Holidays

IMBOLC: A Wiccan festival celebrated on February 2nd. Imbolc marks the first stirrings of Spring and is a traditional time to practice magic.

OSTARA: A Wiccan festival occurring at the Spring Equinox (on or around March 21st), which marks the beginning of true Spring. A Fire festival celebrating the resurgence of Earth fertility, and an ideal time for magic.

BELTANE: A Wiccan festival celebrated on April 30th or May 1st. Beltane celebrates the symbolic union of the Goddess and God (the Wiccan deities). It links in with the approaching Summer months.

MIDSUMMER: The Summer Solstice (on or around June 21st), one of the Wiccan festivals and an excellent night for magic. Midsummer marks the point of the year when the Sun is symbolically at the height of its powers.

LUGHNASADA: A Wiccan festival celebrated on August 1st. Lughnasadh marks the first harvest and the symbolic ebbing of the Sun's energies.

SAMHAIN: A Wiccan festival celebrated on October 31st. Samhain is a gathering up of energies before the depths of Winter. An ancient night upon which to perform magic.

MABON: A Wiccan festival celebrated on or around September 21st, the Autumnal Equinox, which marks the second harvest. Autumn transmuted into Winter.

YULE: A Wiccan festival celebrated on or about December 21st, marking the rebirth of the Sun God from the Goddess. A time of joy and celebration during the miseries of Winter. Yule occurs on the Winter Solstice.

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